Event registration

Through our state-of-the-art registration platform,Y-Reg, Yventing creates customized registration experiences for event attendees, regardless of event size, with short production time.


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Save time

All done online, no manual work in multiple excel files, also update possibilities by participants online or the organisers.

Receive automated confirmation receipt

Once the registration is done, participants will receive a confirmation email with their personalized details and a link to update if needed.

Centralised data management

Collect participants data, view number of remaining participant places; analyse participants by category; e-mail the participants’ database and more.

Improve event efficiency

The time and money saved on data entry administrative tasks can be used for other event activities, contact more sponsors, prepare more activities, reply faster to participants.

Customized online registration

A good online registration tool will permit full customization of your event registration page to the look and feel you want to give it.

Detailed reporting

The system can provide a full reporting of all reporting tools essential to efficiently manage a successful event.

Set up online surveys

To get to know better your participants interests and measure your participants experience at the event, a good online registration system will also integrate an online survey tool.